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PREP TIPS: Learn Evacuation Information

Sep 12, 2022

During an emergency or disaster, local emergency management officials use news media and social media to issue evacuation orders. Your evacuation zone determines when you should evacuate – zones at higher risk are prioritized for evacuation. Local emergency management officials will also share which evacuation routes your zone should use. Issuing orders this way helps to prevent evacuation routes from becoming congested and emergency shelters from becoming overcrowded. 

Plan for an Evacuation

Do a quick online search to identify your evacuation zone and find a map of evacuation routes in your area. You can usually find this information by searching “local evacuation zone” or “local evacuation routes,” and finding the website of your local emergency management agency.

Your local emergency management agency may have a mobile application, social media account, and/or text message-based alert system that you can download, follow, and/or subscribe to in advance, so you can receive critical evacuation orders and other information and alerts for emergency situations in your area.

Knowing your evacuation zone, learning the evacuation routes near you, and subscribing to emergency alerts before a disaster or emergency means not having to waste time figuring those things out during an emergency or disaster.

Prepare for an Evacuation

This is where making a plan and preparing an emergency kit come into play.

  • If you have to evacuate, being familiar with the evacuation routes near you, including routes by foot and public transportation, can help you evacuate more efficiently.
  • If you are unable to evacuate during an emergency or natural disaster and need to stay in place, having an emergency kit can help keep you and your loved ones safe and meet your needs until help arrives.
  • If you and your loved ones are not together when evacuation orders are issued or you get separated during an evacuation, having a plan can help you reunite after the emergency or disaster.

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